November 13, 2011

Legless peril in Perlis

Perlis - Malaysia's smallest state - has the highest number of diabetes patients who have been forced to have their legs amputated.

The reason is unclear, though. Maybe the state has too many sweet delicacies or foodstuff at the disposal of their people.

Statistically, a staggering 60 to 100 patients get their legs chopped up ANNUALLY. And currently, 13,714 registered diabetes patients in the state alone. Now, that's one hell of a worrying thought.

Something's amiss, but I just can't put my finger on it.

November 12, 2011

Suryani spot on as M'sia bags first SEA Games gold

She had the runs, but that didn't stop Nur Suryani Taibi from shooting herself to Malaysia's SEA Games gold in Palembamg, Indonesia, today.

She bagged the gold after with a total 679.8 points in the women's 50m rifle three-position event.
Now that the "Negaraku" has finally been played in this year's Games, let's hope the Malaysian camp will be buoyed by the victory and that many more would follow suit.

Well done, Suryani!

Read The Star's "Suryani shoots herself to gold with upset tummy" for the full story.

- Pix courtesy of The Star

Young M'sians put one over Down Under with thrills and spills

The Malaysian Under-21 hockey team clinched a nail-biting victory over their Australian counterparts in a dramatic Johor Sultan Cup in Johor Baru today.
The Malaysians had gone into the tournament as no-hopers without several keys player who are attached with the senior team. But the lads were determined not to let that be a bother as they overcame the odds with an equal balance of grit and skills.

Credit must be given especially to the team's chief coach and mentor K. Dharmaraj for guiding thee team and igniting some excitement in the local hockey fraternity which has become somewhat obsolete for the whole of this year.
So, well done to Dharma and his charges for this historic win!

  Read "Malaysian Champs" for a comprehensive report on the tooth-and-nail finale.

Minister tells varsities to "seduce" men

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin has called on local higher learning institutions encourage the enrolment of more male students as the declining number has become a cause for concern. Apparently, women undergraduates in Malaysia outnumber their male counterparts by a ratio of 70:30.

Khaled's suggestion is that universities create "more non-academic courses" so that the men "won't be left behind".

At the launch of OUM's Open Day in Johor Baru today, he said: "There are many courses at OUM including manicure, cooking, sewing and other which cater to female students. Just like these courses, OUM should come up with ones to attract male students."

Khaled making himself heard in more ways than one. - Pix courtesy of Bernama

November 11, 2011

Chef Wan and son cooking up a storm - well, sort of

First Chef Wan stirred controversy by publicly lambasting his son over getting his resume for Masterchef Malaysia overdone. Then his son Chef Riz apologises for his antics and now his father is hitting back at critics for getting on his son's back. These two father and son and their shenanigans. If you want to protect your son, then you shouldn't have said how disappointed you were with him via Facebook postings in the first place. Oh well, any publicity is good publicity. Anyway, you can read the series of events here, here, and also here.

- Website links courtesy of The Star and New Straits Times

Turn for the worse and Samaritans get killed


Unfortunately in Malaysia, fatal bus accidents have become a norm of sorts.

The latest casualties on the North-South Expressway near Behrang may not be directly from a bus accident, but it was a major contributing factor nonetheless.

Four people, who were fondly known as good Samaritans, were killed when a sand-laden trailer rammed into them as they were helping those involved in the bus accident earlier.

It must have been a horrifying sight as one of them was decapitated and another was "accidently" discovered buried in a pile of sand.

One boy had to watch in horror when as the trailer slammed into his friend. You can read that here and here for The Star's coverage.

- Pictures and graphic courtesy of The Star